Twenty years ago, no one would believe that homeowners were going to be ditching asphalt in place of a metal roof, but that is exactly what is happening. Metal is definitely not the most popular roofing option out there but it is picking up steam. The biggest reason homeowners are getting fed up with asphalt is that it just doesn’t hold up. Asphalt doesn’t fare well in severe weather conditions especially strong winds and only has a shelf life of 10-15 years. 10-15 years and you need a new roof! I don’t know about you but that just doesn’t sit well with me. At all!

So now let’s talk about metal and more specifically why metal is gaining in popularity. In a nutshell, metal roofing is the most economical roofing material available. If you want a roof that will most likely be the last roof you’ll ever need then you really should consider a metal roof. Most come with a 50+-year warranty, a hail penetration warranty and a wind warranty up to 120 miles per hour. This is not only amazing it means you will never have to worry about your roof no matter how strong the storms are! In my house, I like to do whatever I can to save money on those out of control energy bills. This is another reason why metal just makes sense. With metal, you will see a reduction in energy costs during summer and winter months. Metal roofing can be installed over an existing roof, which creates even more insulation from temperature extremes. Metal reflects 70% of the sun’s energy. This minimizes heat retention and as a result less heat is transferred into the building’s structure. Not the case with asphalt.

Erie Construction of Evansville, Indiana is proud to be considered one of the trusted leader in the industry and would love to come out and show you the benefits of our product. Stop replacing your asphalt roof every 10-15 years. With our high quality roof, you never have to worry about missing shingles ever again!