Every year many homeowners plan to spruce up their outdoor space, whether it’s a porch or patio, but get frustrated when it starts looking dull and boring. Well, master gardeners say don’t get frustrated. It’s all in how you utilize the unconventional and downright unusual to make striking container plantings. Everything doesn’t have to be new, instead think shabby chic.

  • Get creative and make use of your unused fire pit. It makes the perfect home for a combination of plants including tropical ferns. The lid keeps the planted area shady.
  • Another idea. Why not make use of old watering cans. Just drill drainage holes in the bottom, fill it with soil and add plants!
  • Tom tom plants planted with ferns and placed in iron stands, add height and interest.
  • Master gardeners recommend placing container plantings at various heights to add interest.
  • Container plants don’t have to be confined to just the porch or patio. They add texture and visual interest almost anywhere in the landscape.
  • Make new terra cotta pots look old and weathered by dipping them regularly in your water garden.

Good luck, and remember there are no rules in gardening. Just have fun!