Driving around any neighborhood there is definitely not a shortage of traditional asphalt roofs. This material has been popular because it’s cheap. However, when you really factor in that it only has a shelf life of 10-15 years, it really doesn’t end up being that cheap. In the past few years, more and more homeowners are ditching asphalt and opting for metal. That’s right, it’s not just for businesses anymore! There are many reasons why many are making the switch but the biggest reasons lie in the durability factor. If you want better protection, no matter what the weather forecast holds, metal is for you. From torrential rains, hail storms, gusty winds and brush fires, a metal roof can withstand it all! Come rain, hail or shine, metal roofs are installed using continuous sheets so that you get a watertight solution. You also get a tough barrier that protects your home from falling branches and flying debris.

Stop worrying about your asphalt roof every time it storms. Metal gives you peace of mind, with an unbeatable manufacturer’s warranty of up to 25 years.

Benefits include:

*Most durable roofing material, provides your home with a tough barrier in the face of strong wind, hail, falling branches and flying debris.
*Your metal roof is corrosion resistant.
* Durable as it has an oven-baked finish that will stand the test of time.
*Better protection from the elements with its continuous sheets that make it watertight.
*Advanced technology that helps it to resist against chipping, cracking and peeling.
*Built from non-combustible materials.
*Termite resistant.
*Energy Efficient.

Many home improvement experts say a metal roof is most likely going to be the last roof you’ll ever need! They are that durable! Erie Construction of Evansville, Indiana is proud to be considered one of the trusted leaders in the industry and would love to come out and show you our high quality product. You’ll see why so many are happily ditching asphalt and going metal. Many tell us they’re only regret is waiting as long as they did to make the investment!