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Month: February, 2013
Choosing *Wise* Home Investments will Make you Money
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According to a survey conducted by RE/MAX the majority of homeowners would rather remodel than relocate. Most homeowners say their primary reason for renovating is their genuine love for their home, but the desire to enhance future resale value runs a close second. Many homeowners are smart and understand that it is a buyers market out there. That means, great news if you need a house but not so great news if you have one to sell. So, many are opting to “stay put” and make a few home improvement investments.

Let’s talk about a few smart ones that will definitely  increase your resale value and ultimately, help sell your home, one day! First up, kitchens and bathrooms are big! If you have problems in these important rooms, fix them! They are definitely up there when it comes to buyer turn offs. New energy efficient vinyl siding and new windows will also go extremely far with buyers. Plus, you will recoup a great deal of your investment back.

Another area that can really turn buyers off and kill a sale is a bad roof. Whether you are buying or selling a home, a good roof can help you and a bad roof can hurt you.  A great kitchen is important but basics such as the foundation and roof need to also be in tip top shape. If you have loose shingles or other problems you need to make the investment and fix your roof. Keep in mind that while a traditional asphalt roof will last you an average of 10-15 years, a metal roof is probably the last roof you’ll ever need! More and more homeowners are going this route because they like the fact that they won’t have to worry about their roof no matter how crazy the weather is. Erie Construction of Evansville, Indiana is a trusted leader in the industry and can show you why metal roofing is becoming the new “go to” roof for homeowners and business owners!

Make Smart Home Improvements

When done wisely with experienced contractors, home remodeling can add increased value to a home. So, before you start knocking walls down, make sure you do a little research and make sure you are making a smart home investment. Although, in our current real estate market, it is difficult to please every potential buyer, it is possible to please the majority.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that curb appeal, de-cluttering, and fresh paint are a must. Local realtors say that nothing turns off potential buyers more than the “big three.” Problematic and outdated kitchens, bathrooms, and aging roofs.

Another area that needs attention is the master bedroom.  Remodeling a master suite can add on average $120,000 to the price of a home.  A kitchen — $70,000, a bathroom — $32,000, and a basement — $46,000.

Now, let’s talk about your roof. In this market, potential buyers want to move right in, not have to think about getting their roof replaced.  Who wants to move in and have a leaky roof? No one. Realtors say if you do get an offer prepare for it to be significantly lower than your asking price. The reality is that most buyers will just move on to another home (so many on the market) that are move in ready.

If you are in the market for a new roof doing a little research will definitely pay off. For starters, a traditional asphalt roof has a shelf life of about 10-15 years. A metal roof will out last that by three times! Plus, metal withstands any weather condition with ease. Erie Construction of Evansville, Indiana is a trusted leader in the industry and would love to show you why many are confidently making the switch to metal.

Smart Home Projects you Should Stay on Top of
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It’s always a good idea to keep your home in tip top shape because you never know when you may have to sell. Local home inspectors say it’s a good idea to start with your deck.  First off, inspect it. Start by cleaning the surface with soapy water and a soft-bristled brush. Then check for splinters and popped nails; break off splinters, sand sharp edges, hammer nails, and tighten screws. Finally, check the structure for rotten boards, broken railings, and wobbly steps. If you discover extensive damage to the deck, consider a replacement.

Next up, give your front door a makeover. A fresh coat can transform your home’s facade for the cost of a quart of paint. Choose a color that’s appropriate to the architecture. Traditional homes calls for historically correct hues, say a red or black door on a white Colonial-style home. For a Federal-style brick building, earth tones, including brown and green, are the best complement, or you can pick up the neutral hue of the mortar.

Now let’s talk about your roof. Button up the envelope. A leaky roof allows water to penetrate inside, where it can ruin insulation and drywall, and create opportunity for mold. On a sunny day, use binoculars to spot cracked, curled, or missing shingles, which are signs that the roof is near its end of life. Also check flashing around chimneys, skylights, and roof valleys, and the rubber boots around vets for cracks. If you know that your roof needs to be replaced, you should look into a metal roof. More and more homeowners are making the switch to metal because it lasts three times as long as traditional asphalt roofs, is extremely energy efficient, and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Erie Construction of Evansville, Indiana is a trusted leader in the industry and would love to show you why metal is a choice that is becoming more and more popular.

Home Investments that Pay!

Buying new windows is right up there with probably one of the biggest home improvement projects you can make. It’s also one of the smartest. Did you know that research shows that new, energy efficient replacement windows will give you one of the biggest ROI’s (return on investment) than most other home improvement projects?  Expect to get back around 80% of what you invested. Energy efficient vinyl siding, gutters and bathroom and kitchen remodeling are all big investments. The good news is that they are also among the smartest. Residential roofing is also shown to impress potential buyers and give you a nice ROI.

Let’s talk about traditional asphalt shingles which come in many styles and price points. They are appropriate for any climate, and are easy to maintain. The basic asphalt shingle is a 3-tab shingle and is available in a variety of colors, however it offers no textural interest. The other main issue with asphalt is that it doesn’t last forever and will need to be replaced after 15 or so years.

Another option that is definitely picking up steam in the residential arena is a metal roof. If you truly want a worry free roof that will withstand any weather condition, metal is for you. Metal roofing is available as a panel or shingle for residential applications. Shingles are made to look like other materials and panels present clean and more modern lines. Metal panels are lightweight, but strong enough to endure severe weather, and snow easily slides off the roof. Finally, metal lasts longer, conserves energy, and requires virtually no maintenance. Many are even investing in a metal roof  because it lasts three times as long and is by far the most durable. Local realtors say, another great perk is that investing in metal can drastically increase the resale value of your home.

Local realtors say, buyers love when they see metal because they know that means they won’t have to give the roof any attention.  Erie Construction of Evansville, Indiana is a trusted leader in the industry and would love to show you why metal is fast becoming a favorite among homeowners.

When it comes to home investments, we all know there is certainly a lot to choose from. It always seems that as soon as you invest in one improvement, another area needs updating. The same is true with fixing things that break around the house. That’s just how home ownership works. Whatever project you decide to take on, make sure it’s a good investment.