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Find Out Why The Ladder Is One Of The Most Dangerous Tools In Your Shed
| July 23, 2012 | 1:33 PM | Garden, Gutters, Home Design, Remodeling | No comments

Climbing a ladder is single-handedly one of the most dangerous things you can do. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that more than 500,000 people are rushed to emergency rooms for ladder accidents every year.

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, of these 500,000 injuries, approximately 300 people die each year. Safety experts say ladders are one of the most dangerous tools in your shed. The number of injuries may be lowered however if homeowners would follow a few safety tips. For starters, always let someone know you will be working on a ladder. Also, make sure you always come down a ladder facing it. Never with your back to it. Next, inspect the ladder before stepping on the first rung, and make sure it has been well maintained. Lastly, when planting the base of any ladder, place your feet on a firm, level surface, not on rocks or boards.

Unfortunately, even after following these ladder safety tips, doctors say, homeowners are going to get injured. In fact, the number of emergency room visits from ladder injuries totals more than those for lawn mowers and home workshop saws combined. Bottom line, ladder accidents are serious, so the best advice is is to hire a pro for any job that requires a ladder. You’ll be glad you did!

Now Is The Best Time To Hire A Contractor

If you think that this isn’t the right time to remodel your house, experts say think again! Think about it, contractors are not busy so they are discounting jobs. The construction industry rebounded somewhat last year, however business is still slow. Remember when getting a contractor to call you back was a challenge?

Now the best pros in town will be happy to bid on your job — and they’ll probably offer you prices well below the norm. Another plus is that materials are down. Plywood is down 23% since its peak in the mid-2000s. Drywall is off 29%, framing lumber 35%.

Not all raw materials prices have fallen that much. Asphalt roofing, which is made from a petroleum byproduct, is down only 7% over the past two years. Insulation — which has been in high demand because of energy rebates and high fuel prices — is down a mere 2% since 2006. Still, on the whole, construction supplies are bargains right now.

Experts say as a whole, selling a home is still a challenge. And because moving remains far costlier than improving, remodeling is a good choice.

Experts say, if you can remodel your way into staying put long term, you can hold on to that once-in-a-lifetime rate. In a few years interest rates are predicted to be somewhere at six or seven percent. When it comes time to sell your place, chances are you’ll probably wind up having to do the sorely needed renovations you didn’t take care of earlier. Not only does that add a huge amount of stress to the process of putting your house on the market, but you still end up spending the money quite possibly when contractor, materials, and borrowing costs are higher. This is why experts say, this is the prefect time to remodel. Why not get the benefits of a new furnace or an updated bathroom for you and your family instead of buying them for the house’s next owners?

Protecting Your Home Against Water
| February 6, 2012 | 10:00 AM | Gutters | No comments

Many homes deal with water problems. It could be flooding your garden beds, or worse yet, it could actually ruin your foundation. Water in the basement, or crawlspace is a definite sign that you have a water problem. If left untreated, this can cause major problems that can easily add up to thousands of dollars in damage.

Old, leaky gutters could be the reason you are having problems with water. The sole purpose of a good gutter system is to direct water away from your home.

When gutters are not working and are clogged up, the water has no where to go, but into your crawlspace, landscaping, or your foundation. Experts say, a maintenance free gutter system is the way to go. Not only will you never have to worry about cleaning out your gutters, you will never have to worry that water is building up under your home.

If you do have a water problem, the first thing you need to do is determine where the water is coming from. You may have a line leak, or it may be coming in from the outside and you just need to extend your downspouts. One thing is for sure, a maintenance free gutter system is a great investment and will give you peace of mind.

It is not good to have water standing in your crawl space, and this should be resolved immediately. Sloping the ground near the crawl space so that the water flows away from your house is also a good idea to keep water away from your house.