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The Metal Roof : The Last Roof You’ll ever Need!

When it comes to roofing issues, many homeowners just don’t want to deal with it. Not now and not ever! The biggest reason is that it is a big job and definitely not a cheap one! Let’s talk about the biggest problems when it comes to asphalt. There are several reasons why asphalt shingles are a losing when it comes to residential and commercial roofing. Does replacing your roof every 10-15 years make you feel sick inside? If so, you’re like most homeowners. I mean who really wants to have to deal with a new roof after only 10-15 years!? If you don’t, then you really need than you really need to consider a metal roof from Erie Construction of Evansville, Indiana.  We are a leader in the industry because we offer the highest quality product at the very best price out there. Plus, we have the BEST installers in the business who will give you top notch energy efficient results, EVERY TIME! Local inspectors say if you invest in a metal roof it’ll likely be the last roof you’ll ever need!

Our pre-finished metal roofing is offered in a broad palette of attractive colors with long-life coatings that do not support the growth of moss, mildew or fungus. Our metal panels are lightweight, yet strong enough to withstand even the most extreme severe weather. What’s even better is that snow easily slides off the roof. Finally, our  metal roof  lasts longer, conserves energy, and  requires virtually no maintenance.

Another plus is that insulation can be installed under the panels, which save you a great deal of energy.  If you think metal is loud, think again!  The roof panels are installed over the existing roof and plywood on the outside, with a layer of sound-deadening insulation and your drywall ceiling on the inside. These materials help deaden the sound. Local realtors say homebuyers love when they see metal because they know it’s a very high quality product that they will not have to mess with!

Want to Sell your House? You Better Pay Attention
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You want to sell your home? There are certain tricks you can do to spice it up and get the buyers interested. Aside from just a few tricks, experts say you need to make sure, “the meat of the house is in good shape.”  First, let’s tackle what experts, refer to as “staging.” This is basically, showcasing the best side of a home to create interest and help you get top dollar.

First up, make room. Clear out as much furniture as you can. Put it in storage, give it to charity or have a garage sale. Too much stuff looks cramped and cluttered. You want it to look spacious. Next up.  Clear out your counters. Go through the house and clear off all the horizontal surfaces like kitchen and bathroom countertops. Old magazines? Toss ‘em. Knick-knacks? Pack ‘em. Counters need to be clear and clean. What about the smell test? A home should smell good. That means no noticeable odor, no pet scent, no stale cooking smells and no cigarette smoke.

Next, you must make your home ageless. There’s a difference between an old house and a classic home.  Keep everything fresh and up-to-date. Also, let there be light. If the whole house is dark, that’s a problem. So open the blinds. Turn on all the lights. Add lights in rooms that are dark. Also, avoid controversy. If you have a deer head on the wall, you might want to take it down. It will be a turnoff to some buyers. Lastly, keep it clean. This means, no dust, cobwebs or trash.

Ok, now that you know the top staging secrets, let’s talk a little about the “meat of the house.” This means, make sure kitchens and bathrooms are sparkling and up to date. Also, is your foundation free from problems including cracks? These are all deal breakers that local realtors see daily. Next up, how’s the shape of your roof? If you have an old, asphalt roof you absolutely have to repair of replace it. This is a no brainer for inspectors. Here’s the deal regarding asphalt, it’s a popular option because of it’s price and availability but it’s shelf life is only 10-15 years! Yes, this means you will have to replace it often. Metal roofing is fast becoming a popular roofing option because unlike asphalt, it will withstand even the worst inclement weather. Plus, inspectors say it’s the last roof you’ll ever need. Erie Construction of Evansville, Indiana is a trusted leader in the industry and we’d love to show you why metal roofing has become the “go to” roofing option for thousands of homeowners!