No one enjoys dealing with roofing problems. It’s right up there with having to clean out your gutters. A few days ago, friends of mine in the Midwest were dealing with tornado warnings and extremely high winds. In fact, many were dealing with lost power because of it. I saw in a Facebook post that a friend of mine commented that he wasn’t going to count sheep to fall asleep. The winds were so crazy strong that he was instead going to count shingles flying off his asphalt roof! Yes, I did get a chuckle out of his comment, but I know the next morning it was anything but funny! Unfortunately this is the reality of asphalt.

If you’re tired of dealing with roofing problems, you’re not alone! Sure asphalt is a cheap option when it comes to roofing, but when you factor in all of the problems and limitations that asphalt has, it doesn’t really add up to be the best bargain. The main problem is that plain and simple, asphalt doesn’t hold up in severe weather conditions especially strong winds. The other major issue I have with it is that it only lasts 10-15 years. That’s it! This means that after a mere 10-15 years you WILL have to replace your entire asphalt roof!

If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, you need to consider the roofing option that will last a lifetime. Metal roofing. Over the life of your home, metal roofing is the most economical roofing material available. If you want the last roof you’ll ever need than you really should consider metal. Most come with a 50+-year warranty, a hail penetration warranty and a wind warranty up to 120 miles per hour. That’s amazing and a huge difference when you compare it to asphalt.

Now let’s talk about energy efficiency. Another benefit to metal. You will see a reduction in energy costs during summer and winter months. Metal roofs can be installed over an existing roof, which creates even more insulation from temperature extremes. Erie Construction of Evansville, Indiana is proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the industry. We would love to come out and show you our high quality product! No more replacing shingles that fly off during strong winds and no more replacing your roof every 10-15 years. With metal, you are investing in the LAST roof you’ll ever need!