Cold winter months are right around the corner. Aside from high energy bills, many homeowners often worry about excess snow, or just heavy rain on their aging asphalt roofs. It’s no secret that asphalt roofs don’t do well under the elements especially if they are getting old. This is one reason why many businesses and homeowners are turning to Erie Construction in Evansville, Indiana to learn about the benefits of a metal roof.

One benefit is that snow and ice slide right off metal, in a clean sweep. For this reason, it continues to be a very popular roofing choice in even the most cold and snowy climates, including cooler regions of the US and Canada. With metal, you’ll never have to worry about the destructive effects of ice damming which is basically when snow backs up against your roof eaves and forces water into your home under the shingles.

Because metal is designed to shed snow and ice, you’ll also be free from worrying about icicles or ice buildup that can tear down your gutters. This could be an expensive problem to fix.

Local realtors say, a metal roof could be the deciding factor that turns your for sale sign into a sold sign. With so many homes on the market right now, potential buyers don’t want to have to invest in a roof as soon as they move in. Nothing turns off potential buyers more than old, peeling asphalt shingles. When they see a metal, they know it’s built to last, and they won’t have to replace it.