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STOP Wasting Money Patching Up your Asphalt Roof
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For years, metal roofing has been gaining in popularity for commercial properties. No big surprise there but now the material is picking up steam in the residential market. Drive around and you will see that more and more homeowners are getting rid of their flimsy asphalt roofs that need to be replaced every 10-15 years and switching to metal. I mean, who wants to deal with missing asphalt shingles every time it storms? With that being said, who wants to deal with replacing their roof after a measly 10-15 years? Not many people. Asphalt is popular because it’s readily available and it’s cheap. However, when you factor in repairs and having to replace it after such a small amount of time, it really doesn’t add up to being such a great bargain after all.

The biggest problems with asphalt shingles has to do with their durability. The problem is that asphalt shingles have been known to become damaged before their warranty expires, and that means the homeowner is left footing the bill. Not Cool!

The bottom line is that if you don’t want to deal with replacing your roof every 10-15 years you really should look into quality metal roofing. Home improvement experts say metal roofing is the sturdiest material you can put on your roof. Metal will hold up to any and all severe weather including the highest of winds and even fire. Plus, metal roofing is quite possibly the last roof you’ll ever need. Erie Construction of Evansville, Indiana is proud to be considered one of the trusted leaders in industry. We’d love to come out, give you a free estimate, and show you why metal roofing is taking over the roofing industry.

Stop Investing in a Flimsy Roof
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Driving around any neighborhood there is definitely not a shortage of traditional asphalt roofs. This material has been popular because it’s cheap. However, when you really factor in that it only has a shelf life of 10-15 years, it really doesn’t end up being that cheap. In the past few years, more and more homeowners are ditching asphalt and opting for metal. That’s right, it’s not just for businesses anymore! There are many reasons why many are making the switch but the biggest reasons lie in the durability factor. If you want better protection, no matter what the weather forecast holds, metal is for you. From torrential rains, hail storms, gusty winds and brush fires, a metal roof can withstand it all! Come rain, hail or shine, metal roofs are installed using continuous sheets so that you get a watertight solution. You also get a tough barrier that protects your home from falling branches and flying debris.

Stop worrying about your asphalt roof every time it storms. Metal gives you peace of mind, with an unbeatable manufacturer’s warranty of up to 25 years.

Benefits include:

*Most durable roofing material, provides your home with a tough barrier in the face of strong wind, hail, falling branches and flying debris.
*Your metal roof is corrosion resistant.
* Durable as it has an oven-baked finish that will stand the test of time.
*Better protection from the elements with its continuous sheets that make it watertight.
*Advanced technology that helps it to resist against chipping, cracking and peeling.
*Built from non-combustible materials.
*Termite resistant.
*Energy Efficient.

Many home improvement experts say a metal roof is most likely going to be the last roof you’ll ever need! They are that durable! Erie Construction of Evansville, Indiana is proud to be considered one of the trusted leaders in the industry and would love to come out and show you our high quality product. You’ll see why so many are happily ditching asphalt and going metal. Many tell us they’re only regret is waiting as long as they did to make the investment!

Stop Worrying Every time it Storms Outside
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If you’ve driven around any neighborhoods lately you’ve probably noticed that some are sporting metal roofs instead of the traditional asphalt. One major reason homeowners are getting fed up with asphalt is that they have such a short shelf life. It only lasts 10-15 years. After that short amount of time you will start to see bald spots, worn areas, roof discoloration and pieces that have blown off due to inclement weather. This is the major complaint that homeowners have with asphalt. The shingles typically get damaged before their warranty expires. Who wants to deal with that?

Believe it or not, my neighbor Greg’s house is only six years old and the last major storm we had brought some straight line windows that ripped off dozens of his asphalt shingles. So, after spending a pretty penny to get his roof patched up he tells me he’s nervous about the next storm.

These very real problems are a big reason why many are ditching asphalt and turning to metal roofs. Home improvement experts love metal roofs because they will hold up to any and all severe weather including the highest of winds. Plus, many say it’s the last roof you’ll ever need! Erie Construction of Evansville, Indiana is proud to be one of the trusted leaders in this industry. We’d love to come out and show you our high quality metal roofs and the honest way we do business.

No more Roofing Worries and No More Patch Job Repairs
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When it comes to roofing, the thought of having to replace your traditional asphalt roof every  12 to 20 years does not make me very happy. I just want a high quality roof that is low maintenance and will last a very long time. If this is what you want as well you should not go with asphalt. If you already have it, you may want to consider investing in metal.

First, let’s talk about the problems of asphalt. It’s made of oil impregnated paper or fiberglass, and begins to deteriorate as soon as you put it on your roof. Just normal weather and the sun’s rays add to an asphalt roof’s deterioration, unlike a metal roof, which will not decompose. A metal roof can withstand about anything mother nature throws at it.

Metal is a premium roof system which adds value to your most important investment-your home. Initially,  a metal roof will likely cost more than an asphalt roof, comparable to some other systems like tile or shake and less than slate. While these premium roof systems look good initially, they breakdown over time and you wind up having to install two or more while metal will keep on providing the protection for you and your home.

Plus, metal will save you money over time-in fact, most come with a true 30 to 50 year warranty. Then, add that all in with what you’ll save in roof maintenance costs.  Metal is just about maintenance-free. All you have to do is occasionally hose it down from the ground. I like the sound of that. Erie Construction of Evansville, Indiana is a trusted leader in the industry and would love to come and give you a free estimate. We’ll show you why so many homeowners are wising up and ditching asphalt for metal!

Asphalt is Killing the Environment
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The biggest reason why homeowners choose asphalt for their roofing material is that it’s the cheapest option out there. Unless of course, you’re the three pigs and are opting for a straw roof. With that being said, asphalt is slowly starting to lose it’s popularity contest because it just doesn’t hold up. So many times when there is severe weather, homeowners have to deal with missing shingles or other roofing issues. This isn’t a fun problem to have every time it storms.

When it comes to longevity, a metal roof can’t be beat. Most metal roofs are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 30 to 50 years. They will easily last the lifetime of the home. They add value to a home, making it a great investment. There are homes on record that had metal shingles installed in the early 1900′s, and are still in good condition today. Wow! Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, last on the average 10-15 years! That’s it!

Between the two materials, home improvement experts say that metal is definitely superior. For one thing, asphalt shingles are not recyclable. According to the National Association of Homebuilders Research Center, 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles are dumped into U.S. landfills every year. If you filled 40,000 pound trucks with the shingles, and placed each truck placed end to end would reach from New York to California and back, and then as far as Chicago. Unbelievable! 56 percent of metal roofing can be recycled. Because metal lasts for so long, there is not a need to tear them off and cause more pollution to the planet.

Dollar for dollar, then, you can see why metal roofing  is the best choice of the two. In terms of longevity, better protection against leaks, maintenance, and holding up in severe weather, a metal roof is still the best bet. Erie Construction of Evansville, Indiana is a trusted leader in the industry. We would love to come out, give you a free estimate and show you why our product never needs replacement, adds value and protection to your home, and is the best roofing material on the market.