We all know that a kitchen is the heart of a home. Like any room in the house, more storage is better than a lack of storage. New kitchen design trends show that homeowners are putting their money, time, and effort into creating their perfect kitchen design, with a smooth integration of both form and function.

Among the more popular kitchen design trends is the addition of a Butler’s Pantry. A Butler’s Pantry can be added to a home of nearly any size and budget. The purpose of the Butler’s Pantry will help determine the size and cost of the space. Common uses for a Butler’s Pantry is storage space. Butler’s Pantries are really convenient because you can have them built with cabinets, shelves, and doors, perfect for easy reach of often-used items.

Butler’s Pantries provide additional serving area you may need to put the finishing touches on a meal, while keeping the main kitchen areas clear for conversation.
The Butlers Pantry can include decorative shelves or display areas, plate racks, wine racks, stem glass holders, and more. This would be a great place to show off your china, silver, and wine selections. Before you just have your Butler’s Pantry built anywhere, keep in mind that the location can often be determined by the intended use. Common locations for a Butler’s Pantry include between the kitchen and formal dining room. However, Butler’s Pantries make great use of small hallways, particularly around staircases.

Just remember that while your Butler’s Pantry is designed to give you more storage and help you while entertaining. It needs to not be a throwaway space. Treat it as another room that you would show off to your guests. This will look appealing to potential homebuyers who may not have a Butler’s Pantry in their homes right now. A definite selling feature!