If you truly want to have the sharpest house on the block you need to make sure your home exudes curb appeal. In this real estate market there is no shortage of homes for sale and that means your home better stand out. A handsome front facade ranks right up there with a solid foundation and good bones.

Local real estate experts say when buyers are out looking if they don‘t like the front of the house they will move on to the next. It‘s definitely not all about the interior. Sure, that has to be nice but the exterior is what draws the buyers in. Think about the details. Cheery blooms, a crisp white fence, and eye-catching shutters create a welcome sight for you and your family, but it also gives you curb appeal.

If you truly are after curb appeal pay attention to your walkway. Winding through garden beds or going straight to the street, a brick or stone path can make the stroll to your door look and feel like an event. Landscaping is also key. We’re not just talking about a few shrubs. Go for dimension, and variation. This adds vibrant color and multilevel focal points that create a winning first impression of your home from the sidewalk. Make sure you keep your grass mowed and edged. Lastly, residential roofing is so important when it comes to curb appeal. Nothing screams, move on, than old, faded, asphalt shingles that need to be replaced! Let Erie Construction of Evansville, Indiana show you the last roof you’ll ever need. Many of our customers say, they’re house is now the envy of the block!