Skylights are sometimes viewed as a luxury addition to the home, they can actually be a green home improvement. Think about it, a skylight is really just a window, so all the advantages of installing energy-efficient windows apply. That includes improving your home’s looks, lighting, energy efficiency, and overall comfort.

There are a few reasons that skylights are so popular in living a green lifestyle. The first is that, like any window, the right skylight has the potential to help increase energy efficiency in your home (and reduce energy costs), especially when it comes eliminating heat transfer and making the most of passive solar heating.

The other reason skylights are so green, is that they maximize natural lighting,

as well. Though they are not automatically an energy improvement; they must be placed strategically and be shaded in the summer to maximize energy savings. A skylight with southern exposure, will provide your home with valuable passive solar heating in the winter months, reducing home heating costs. A skylight on west-facing roofs will add to your cooling costs all summer long.